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Volume 3 - Issue 12 ( Oct - Dec ) © 2016 Transactions)

Review Report

"A Semantic-Based companion suggestion framework to social networks utilizing incorporated feedback approach”
[R. Sandhya Rani ]
DOI: 10.17812/IJRA.3.12(82)2016; IJRA-2016: 3(12)494-498 [Full Paper download]

Review Report

"Detection of Emerging Areas in Social Streams ”
[Bangari Chaitanya]
DOI: 10.17812/IJRA.3.12(83)2016; IJRA-2016: 3(12)499-502 [Full Paper download]

Research Article

"Clay supported transition metal bimetallic catalyst for Heck-Coupling and Suzuki Coupling reactions”
[ Rohini Malipeddi 1] and [Jagadeesh Kumar Ega 2]
DOI: 10.17812/IJRA.3.12(84)2016; IJRA-2016: 3(12)503-508 [Full Paper download]