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Volume 4 - Issue 16 ( Oct - Dec ) © 2017 Transactions)

Research Article

"Characterization of dielectric and magnetic studies of Cr doped Tio2 nanoparticles”
[Venkateshwarlu. Kalsani]
DOI: 10.17812/IJRA.4.16(98)2017; IJRA-2017: 4(16)585-589 [Full Paper download]

Research Article

"Green Synthesis of Substituted- Phenyl-Azetidin/Thiazolidin-1-yl- Amino-Methyl-Benzimidazolyl Propanone by micro wave irradiation and screened for Antifungal activity”
[Jagadeesh Kumar Ega 1] and [ Kavitha Siddoju *1 ]
DOI: 10.17812/IJRA.4.16(99)2017; IJRA-2017: 4(16)590-595 [Full Paper download]

Research Article

"An Overview of Big Data Challenges, Tools and Techniques”
[ Sriramoju Ajay Babu ] [ Namavaram Vijay ] and [ Ramesh Gadde ]
DOI: 10.17812/IJRA.4.16(100)2017; IJRA-2017: 4(16)596-601 [Full Paper download]