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Volume 2 - Issue 8 ( Oct - Dec ) 2015 Transactions)

Research Article

An efficient synthesis of bis-indolyloxindoles from (phenylimino)indolin-2-ones and 1H-indole catalyzed by Citric acid
[Suresh Budde 1] [Jagadeesh Kumar Ega 2] [ Brahmeshwari Gavaji * 1][ Ravinder Vadde * 2]
DOI: 10.17812/IJRA.2.8(62)2015; IJRA-2015: 2(8)365-370 [Full Paper download]

Survey Report

A Multilevel Authentication based on the RFID technique for a Multiple Mobile cloud user in Cloud storage: A Survey "
[Naresh vurukonda 1] [ Dr.B.Thirumala Rao 2]
DOI: 10.17812/IJRA.2.8(63)2015; IJRA-2015: 2(8)371-375 [Full Paper download]

Research Article

Validation of developed method for ZOLMITRIPTAN tablets in pharmaceutical dosage form by RP-HPLC "
[Jagadeesh Kumar Ega 1] [ Kavitha Siddoju * 2]
DOI: 10.17812/IJRA.2.8(64)2015; IJRA-2015: 2(8)376-381 [Full Paper download]

Research Article

Environmentally benign synthesis of bis(3-methyl-1H-indolyl)methane derivatives using ionic liquids
[Suresh Budde 1] [Jagadeesh Kumar Ega 2] [ Brahmeshwari Gavaji * 1][ Kavitha Siddoju * 2]
DOI: 10.17812/IJRA.2.8(65)2015; IJRA-2015: 2(8)382-387 [Full Paper download]

Case Study

Simulation Technique for Queuing Theory: A case Study
[Dr. R. Ramakrishna 1] and [Mr. KedirMohamedhusien 2]
DOI: 10.17812/IJRA.2.8(66)2015; IJRA-2015: 2(8)388-396 [Full Paper download]