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We invite you to submit high quality papers for review and possible publication in all areas of engineering, science, technology and many more.All the authors must agree on the content of the manuscript and its submission for publication. All the manuscripts submitted for publication are first peer reviewed to make sure they are original and relevant.

♣ The Journal Publishes 4 Issues per Year. Call for papers for January, April, July and October Transactions.

Paper Submission Subjects

Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences
• Agriculture • Plant culture • Forestry • Horticulture • Animal Science • Date Palm • Food Technology • Plant Breeding • Soil Sciences • Aquaculture • Fisheries

Arts & Humanities
• Fine Arts, • Photography • Recreational • performing arts • Music • Physical Education • sports • Languages and Literature • Museology (Museum science) • Journalism • Advertisement • mass communication

• Astronomy • Astronomy • allied sciences Earth (Astronomical geography) • Mathematical geography • Astro-geology • Astro-physics

Biological Sciences
• Genetics • Microbiology • Botanical sciences • Botany • Paleobotany • Zoological sciences • Zoology • Paleo-zoology • Marine Sciences (Biological Aspects) • Biological Anthropology • Biotechnology • Biochemistry • Proteomics

Business Education
• Accounting • Finance • Public Finance Banking • Finance Management Commerce • Business Administration • Business Management

• Biochemistry • Analytical chemistry • Crystallography

• Industrial engineering • Computer Engineering • Civil engineering • Bioengineering • Agriculture Engineering • Systems engineering • Environmental engineering • Engineering economy • Engineering meteorology • Applied mechanics • Acoustical engineering • Structural engineering • Engineering geology • Transportation engineering • Applied optics • Photonics • Plasma engineering • Hydraulic engineering • Environmental Engineering • Mechanical engineering • Electrical engineering • Electronics • Nuclear engineering • Aeronautics • Astronautics • Mining engineering • Metallurgy • Information Technology • Software Engineering

• Mathematics • Applied Mathematics • Statistics • Applied Statistics

Medical Sciences
• Medicine • Human anatomy, cytology, histology • Human physiology • Pathology • Internal medicine • Pharmacy, Pharmacology & theraputics • Surgery & related medical specialties • Gynecology related medical specialties • Experimental medicine • Ophthalmology • Dermatology • Pediatrics • Public health • Promotion of health • Incidence & prevention of disease Epidemiology • Dentistry Pharmacology • Pharmacy Nursing

Physical Sciences
• Mechanics • Electricity & Electronics • Modern physics • Nuclear Physics

Social Sciences
• Anthropology, Physical anthropology. • Archeology • Economics • Political Science • International Relations • Psychology • Philosophy • Sociology • Criminology • Administrative sciences, Public Administration • Library and Archival Sciences • History • Geography • Religious Studies • Education • Law and Legislature

• Management engineering • Management information systems • Ergonomics • Technical & Vocational education • Industrial research


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